Monday, January 2, 2012

2012- A Year of New Beginnings

As my about me has stated, I finally decided to start a blog. I guess even if no one reads this, it could almost be a type of journal in which I could read back on. It is extremely hard to believe that it is 2012. I can vividly remember when it became 2008 and I was so anxious about graduating high school. Now 4 years and a billion memories later, I only have 4 shorts months to enjoy what I have left of my college career at Monmouth. Scary-huh? Being on winter break until the 22nd, I have a lot of time to reflect on my past memories at college from receiving my bid to join my second home, Pi Phi to becoming president of the programming board my junior year and everything in between. I am going to miss so much about college. It is so hard for me to imagine leaving a place I have called home for so long.

However, even though I am scared to graduate and immerse myself into the real world, I am also extremely excited to see what is in store for my life. Applying for jobs and putting my education and experience in college to the test is going to be a stressful process, but hopefully in the end, it will be a rewarding one as well.



  1. Words do not explain my giddiness right now! I can't wait to get an inside look at your glamorous life- so that I can vicariously enjoy your adventures. Yayyyyy! P.s. I love the background and signature. How did you do that??

  2. YAY!!!

    And as for the background, I just had this image and uploaded as the background image when I picked my layout and stuff and for the signature, I scan an image of my signature on my parent's printer. :)